Prevention of Ectopic Pregnancies

Ectopic pregnancies are caused by:

  • Obstructions or kinks in the fallopian tubes due to scarring from previous infections
  • Lack of protection of the lining of the fallopian tubes by secretions, either due to inadequate production of protective mucus, or excessive thinning of the mucus by progesterone.
  • Mucus plugs
  • Tensions in the muscles of the tubes.

The inside of the fallopian tubes is lined with special secretions to nourish the embryo and facilitate its passage to the uterus, and to prevent the embryo from implanting inside the tube. Normally, the mucus coats the tubes sufficiently until a couple of days after ovulation, when progesterone levels rise, and cause the mucus to thin and disappear, by which time the embryo should be ready to implant in the uterus. If, due to any of the above factors, the embryo is still in the tube when the protective lining has disappeared, there is the risk of ectopic pregnancy. This can also happen if the act of ovulation is delayed, and the egg is actually released late, a scenario that would correspond to Qi and Blood Stagnation in Chinese medicine, and can be associated with symptoms such as abdomen pain, breast soreness and headaches at midcycle. Moving Qi and Blood during ovulation can help prevent ectopic pregnancy due to late release of the egg, muscular tension in the tubes or obstructions in the tubes.