Fertile Mucus

The glands of the endocervix (the canal that leads through the cervix to the uterine cavity) respond to oestrogen levels at midcycle by producing fertile mucus. The purpose of this mucus is to aid the survival of sperm and their movement from the vagina through the cervix. It is very elastic in consistency, and its chemical and physical make-up creates passageways along which the sperm can pass unimpeded. It also provides a more hospitable pH than the acidic vagina does for the spem and they contain nutrients which help to activate sperm and make them swim more vigorously. The abundance of this fertile mucus is dependent on the plentiful supply of oestrogen, and, in Chinese medical terms, of Yin. Research has shown that Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help promote the supply of Yin and balance oestrogen.